Using your imagination, you can create the most amazing creations for different occasions. Ateljé Alenhall will help you make your dream costume a reality, whether it's something historical or modern. You can either choose to have your own model or we can create a suitable model together.
A correct silhouette is crucial to the character of the historical costume. Great care is taken to get the cut, fabrics and quality as "right" as possible.
On festive occasions you want something special. Dare to go for something unique and tailor-made. Perhaps that suit with that little extra, that unique party or wedding dress. Why not a folk costume?
A bespoke garment is tailored to the customer's personal measurements and is fitted several times during the working process to achieve the perfect fit.
Ateljé Alenhall also takes costume commissions for theatre productions and the like.
Do not hesitate to contact me for more information.

Ateljé Alenhall is connected to trade associations:
Gothenburg Tailoring Association
Swedish Tailoring Union.

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